• A Fluid Milk Substitution Form may be filled out by the parent or medical authority and returned if your child(ren) has a milk intolerance or non-life-threatening allergy and you wish to request one of the available milk substitutions with breakfast or lunch.


    If your child has a more serious disability (such as food allergy which may result in anaphylaxis), a separate Medical Plan of Care signed by a physician must be completed.  Only in the case of a disability are alternative forms of milk substitutions, such as water or juice, allowable or meal modifications able to be made.
    Copies of the Fluid Milk Substitution Form and Physician"s Medical Plan of Care are available below.  As a reminder, we can no longer accept a physician’s prescription slip in lieu of either form.


    If you have questions or need any further explanation regarding this ruling or to discuss your child's dietary needs, please contact Zachary Malavite, Food Service Director, 724-887-2015 or by email at malavitez@southmoreland.net.

    Please select one of the links below for the forms needed for milk or dietary substitutions:

    Parental Milk Substitution Request

Last Modified on July 29, 2022