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    Are you wondering what our program is all about? Our program provides a highly structured environment that supports children in Kindergarten and First Grade with different abilities.  Our focus is to develop and strengthen academic, social, emotional, behavioral, communication and self help skills.  We support students based on their individual needs and always provide a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).  Some students are learning within a combination of an inclusive environment and a support room while other students are being educated in a general education classroom with their neuro-typical developing peers given appropriate supports.  Each student’s day and level of support is individualized to fit that child’s specific needs.  Strategies that are used include but are not limited to: Discrete Trial Teaching, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Social Stories, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), Integrated Therapy Approach, Visual Strategies, Sensory Diets, Community-Based Instruction, etc.
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    Education plays a critical role in the development of children.  Southmoreland School Districts’ K-1 Autistic/Life Skills Support Program services children who have been identified as needing an individualized level of intervention beyond what is available in their regular education environments.  Southmoreland’s program is designed to:
    * Provide opportunities for successful participation in activities in school and the community to the maximum extent possible, including: Participation with same-age peers, participation with family members and participation with community members
    * Develop effective and appropriate modes of communication: Increase ability to express needs, develop and expand use of language/communication skills
    * Develop adaptive behaviors to help enable the child to be successful and participate in a variety of settings and activities.  Opportunities for modeling appropriate behaviors of same-age peers by participating in cooperative play/recess/socialization activities and in academic settings
    * Developing independence of essential life skills across settings.  Increase the receptivity and capacity for learning, develop school behaviors conducive to academic progress, and identify curricula to promote acquisition of academic skills
    Given the right services and level of support, our students at Southmoreland have made measurable growth in all areas including academic, behavior, communication, social and emotional and self help skills.  We are extremely proud of our K-1 Autistic/Life Skills Support Program!  Feel free to set up a visit and come see the amazing things we are doing at SPC!  I would love to show you around!
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    What should you do if you need information or have questions about our program?
    You can email me at: derrk@southmoreland.net  
    Or call me at: 724-887-2026
Last Modified on August 6, 2020