Board of School Directors

  • The School Board of Directors for the Southmoreland School District is a governing body entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the district's educational policies, budgetary decisions, and strategic planning. Composed of elected community members, the board works collaboratively to ensure that the district provides a high-quality education for all students while effectively managing resources.

    The board's primary role is to establish policies that align with state and federal guidelines, promoting academic excellence, equity, and student well-being. They actively engage with parents, educators, administrators, and community stakeholders to gather input, address concerns, and make informed decisions that reflect the needs and aspirations of the district.

    Financial stewardship is a key focus of the board, as they work diligently to develop and approve the district's annual budget, allocating resources in a manner that supports the educational mission and goals of the district. They exercise fiscal responsibility and transparency, regularly monitoring expenditures, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

    In addition, the School Board of Directors appoints and evaluates the superintendent, who serves as the district's chief executive officer. They collaborate with the superintendent to establish strategic priorities, evaluate educational programs, and implement initiatives that enhance student achievement and school improvement.

    The School Board of Directors plays a crucial role in fostering a positive educational environment by promoting collaboration, supporting professional development opportunities for staff, and advocating for the needs of students and families. Their commitment to transparent governance, accountability, and community engagement helps shape the district's direction and ensures that every student receives a high-quality education.

Southmoreland School Directors


  • Non-Voting Members

    • Superintendent - Dr. Jason Boone
    • Business Manager - Ms. Pam Mondock
    • Solicitor - Russell Lucas, Esq.
    • Board Secretary - Mrs. Lorie McTavish


    Community members wishing to contact the Southmoreland School Board members and the Superintendent can do so by addressing their emails to 
Last Modified on December 7, 2023