• Scottie eSportsTeam



    Attention Southmoreland MS and HS students:

    In 2023-2024, Southmoreland is planning to establish an eSports team for competition with local schools through the Emerald eSports program. Students in grades 7-12 in 2023-2024 will be eligible to join the team. 

    Our mission is to engage our students in a new form of strategy, expression and teamwork through online competition and media.


    • In 2019, the Esports global market was valued at $957.5 million. This figure has grown to approximately $1.08 billion today - an increase of over 10% over the last two years.
    • In 2020, more than $16 million in Esports scholarships were awarded by over 200 U.S. colleges
    • Nearly 90% of esports scholarships went to young men, Lady Scotties--we are looking for you to join!
    • Students involved in Esports can do more than play video games; other roles include, "shoutcasting," or providing narration during matches; managing/coaching players, tech support, social-media managers, event coordinators, and more. 

    If you are interested in knowing more and possibly joining our team in the next school year, please complete this survey
    by June 1, 2023: Southmoreland eSports Interest Form