SSD Stadium/Gym Advertising


    Advertising Program Overview:


    Dear Local Business Community,


    To help raise funds for Southmoreland School District Athletics, we are offering businesses in the Southmoreland area an opportunity to place their advertisements in front of 10,000+ people at over 150 events per year at Russ Grimm Field and the Southmoreland High School Gym.


    Annual events may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Russ Grimm Field Events                                                                     SHS Gymnasium Events

    Football:                                                                                                          Basketball:

    - Varsity                                                                                                            - Varsity (Boys and Girls)

    - Junior Varsity                                                                                                - Junior Varsity (Boys and Girls)

    - Middle school                                                                                               

    - SAMFA                                                                                                           Volleyball


    Soccer:                                                                                                            Wrestling:

    - Varsity (Boys and Girls)                                                                               - Varsity (Boys and Girls)

    - Junior Varsity (Boys and Girls)                                                                   - Junior Varsity

    - Junior High (Boys and Girls)                                                                       - Junior High

                                                                                                                              - Junior Olympic Wrestling



     In addition to paid attendance, past athletic events have been broadcast on several formats, including the following:


    Westmoreland Sports Network

    District Youtube Channel via Hudl

    Armstrong Cable

    Trib Live HSSN

    KDKA Sports




    Submit Payments To: High School Athletic Office, Middle School Main Office OR use the online payment link found below.

    Click here to make online payments

     Make Checks Payable To: Southmoreland School District

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